Friday, October 10, 2008

Income Tax Facilities for Investment in Certain Business Line in Indonesia

Currently, the Government has issued Government Regulation (Peraturan Pemerintah/PP) No. 62 Year 2008 as the revision of Government Regulation No. 1 Year 2007. Government Regulation No. 62 Year 2008 is the new provisions were issued as a result of amendment of the regulation number 1 Year 2007 on facilities tax revenue for the Investment in the Field of Business-Specific and / or in certain areas. 

PP is rising in order to improve the investment climate and national competitiveness. In the PP, the government increase the number of business sectors that have the incentive of income tax from 15 to 23 business sectors. 

Meanwhile, to the location where investors infuse capital increase from 9 to 15 regions. PPh facilities provided is the reduction in Net Income 30% of the total investment that is charged during six years of 5 percent each year. 

Other facilities are depreciation and amortization, which accelerated, the imposition of PPh dividend that the dividend paid to the subject Number of Foreign Affairs by 10 percent. Selain itu ada juga kompensasi kerugian antara lima dan 10 tahun. In addition, there is also loss of compensation between five and 10 years old. 

Download: List of Business and Regional Certain Facilities Get the PP No. 62 Year 2008

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