Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Indonesia raises Rp 485t in tax revenue

The Directorate General of Taxation announced that income revenue as of Oct 31 reached Rp 485.1 trillion (US$54.8 billion), a 13 percent increase from the same period last year.

“The taxation revenue has attained 73.3 percent of the target in the 2010 revised state budget,” Directorate General of Taxation M Iqbal Alamsyah said in a statement published Thursday.

He said the government targeted to reap a total of Rp 661.5 trillion from taxes this year.

He said the government raised Rp 442.9 trillion from non-oil-and-gas income tax. “Non- oil and-gas- income tax has grown 14 percent as of October. It just netted Rp 385.8 trillion in the same period of last year,” Iqbal said.

Based on the recent data, non-oil-and-gas income tax comprised Rp 240.6 trillion from value added tax, Rp 171.5 trillion from luxury tax, Rp 27.9 trillion from land and building acquisition tax and urban and rural land and building tax and Rp 2.8 trillion from other taxes.

Source: thejakartapost.com

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